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Roof Lanterns

Affordable Roof Lanterns available to order online!

We have hand picked the UK's leading Roof Lanterns that offer low U-Value, Self-cleaning Glass, strong and Slim Framework for both excellent visuals and performance as well as being low cost! Not to mention fast delivery across the range!

Our stock Skylights are available in a wide range of glazing options and finishes and can be delivered in as little as 48 hours! We offer a manufacture choice including Whitesales Lanterns who offer a Powder Coated system as well as the popular SkyPod by Eurocell. All of which offer excellent U-Values and stunning visuals.

Our Skylights are available kit-form making it easier to maneuver to the roof level and despite their complex looking design, are one of the easiest Skylights to install. All of our Skylights come with installation guidelines. If you are looking to flood large areas with massive amounts of daylight then this is definitely the option for you!

We can also supply a range of bespoke rooflights like roof lanterns, pyramid lanterns, gable & hip-end rooflights. Because specifications always vary some of our products are priced on your specific requirements.

Our Bespoke Rooflights are purpose-made continuous rooflights. They are supplied in 1m to 3m spans, and can have a pitch from 15° to 60° although 25° is what we recommend and supply as standard on most of our range!

Please contact us with your plans and details for us to give you a quotation on 01773 441952.

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