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Replacement Rooflight Manual Spindle (Opening for Ventilation)

Replacement Rooflight Manual Spindle (Opening for Ventilation)

Manual Opening Dome - Spindle Illustration

Price: 39.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Upper Bracket
Lower Bracket

Please note: The Upper and Lower Bracket (Not in image) that connect to the Upstand/Opening Frame are sold seperately. These are the brackets that the spindle is attached to.

BrandPermaroof UK
FitmentOpening Dome - Permaroof
MaterialChrome Brass

Replacment spindle used for Polycarbonate Domes and other Rooflights that open for ventilation with a spindle.

The spindle is manufactured from chrome plated brass and are of high quality. The chrome finish means they wont rust which is perfect for coastal areas or them times you just miss the rain with the window open.

The spindles are mainly used to open our Dome Skylights, but will also be suitable to open traditional windows made of aluminium, wood or steel but please note that spindles come in various lengths and we can only gurantee a fit to one of our products.

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