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FAKRO SRF 350 - 350mm Flat Roof Sun Tube Kit (Rigid Tube)

FAKRO SRF 350 - 350mm Flat Roof Sun Tube Kit (Rigid Tube)

Sun Tunnel - FakroSun Tube - Fakro (Study)Sun Tunnel -Fakro (Bathroom)Sun Tube - Fakro (Bathroom 2)

Price: 424.38 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Delivery2 - 3 Days
Tube Diameter350mm
FitmentFlat Roof
Rigid Tube Length610mm
Flashing KitN/A
Product TypeSun Tube Kit
Upstand N/A
Ventilation None

Flat Roof Kits require Flashing to be used from the Flat Roof Material

The FAKRO SRF 350 Sun tube with a Rigid Tube. Tube length is 61cm.

The tube can be extended using a special SRM extension kit.

FAKRO SRF Sun Tube Features

Flat roof light tunnels make it possible to illuminate all rooms under flat roofs with natural light.
A great addition due to its design of the type C flat roof window with a dome that ensures high durability and tightness.
Installation of light tunnels allows daylight to rooms under flat roofs.
Base of the light tunnel is filled inside with insulation material to secure excellent thermal insulation performance.
Light tunnels are suitable for roofs with pitches from 0° - 15°

DescriptionDownload Link
FAKRO SRF Sun Tube BrochureDowload PDF

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