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FAKRO Flashings Buying Guide

FAKRO Roof Window Flashings

What are Roof Window Flashings?

Flashings/Flashing Kits are critical when installing a roof window. It ensures you have a weather-tight connection between the roof window and your roofing material. Specially designed flashing kits offer a long-term solution are are a neat fit with the roofing material you choose to use. The idea of the flashing is to make sure rainwater drains away from the window and to provide protection from the all weather elements. FAKRO Flashings can be used with all types of the centre-pivot windows (FT, PT), with raised axis of rotation (FYP, FDY), the top-hung windows (FPP, PPP, FEP), as well as (FT_/D, B__).

In the last 20 years we have seen an ever increasing number of different types of roofing materials available (Slates, Tiles, etc). So FAKRO have offered a complete range of flashing solutions. All of FAKRO's flashing kits are made using aluminium as standard and are then coated with a permanent polyester varnish.

The standard colour is brown RAL 7022, the reason for this colour choice is because it matches well with most roofing finishes. FAKRO window flashings are categorised according to roof material type and application. Standard flashings are ideally for the most common types of roof covering;

Flat-Flashing - ES
Profiled-Flashing - EZ
High profile- Flashing - EH
Slate-Flashing - EL
Plain Tiles - EPV

Their flashings also allow roof windows to be installed in the roof structure at three different levels:

N (3cm)
V (0cm)
J (- 3cm)

Flashings are categorised accordingly using these codes. The last third letter of the flashing type code indicates the depth at which the roof window can be fitted. Specific flashings are available for less common roof coverings, e.g. some flat roofing materials-Flashing EL & EG, and flat sheet metal roofs-flashing EE.

For example flashing EZV means:
E - Flashing
Z - Types of the roofing material
V - Level of installation

So this would be - Profiled Roof Covering installed at 0cm height.

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Standard FAKRO Flashings

Standard FAKRO Flashings

Note 1: That not all level of installations are available for each kit.

ES - Flat roof coverings (up to 5 mm thickness) such as: slate, asphalt, roofing felt, bitumen.


EZ - Profiled roof coverings (up to 45 mm profile depth) such as: roof tiles, profiled metal sheeting


EH - High profile roof coverings (up to 90 mm thickness) such as: roof tiles, profiled metal sheeting


Note 2: There are also flashings for specialist applications, such as flashing EHV-AT with additional insulation, and flashing EA for window installation at a different angle to that of the main roof. For installation of roof windows at a pitch below 15° the EFW Flat Roof System should be used. Contact us for more details.

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