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FAKRO 350 - 350mm Solar Tube Rooflight Kit (Rigid Tube)

FAKRO 350 - 350mm Solar Tube Rooflight Kit (Rigid Tube)

Sun Tunnel - FakroSun Tube - Fakro (Study)Sun Tunnel -Fakro (Bathroom)Sun Tube - Fakro (Bathroom 2)

Price: 351.75 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Tube Diameter350mm
FitmentPitched Roof
Rigid Tube Length2100mm
Flashing KitPlease choose
Product TypeSolar Tube Kit
Upstand N/A
Ventilation None

Equipped with integrated flashing. Four types of flashings are available: for flat, corrugated, slate and high profile roof coverings.

350mm FAKRO Solar Tubes with Rigid tubes enable illumination of all rooms in the building, even those which cannot be fitted with roof windows or vertical windows.

Using the FAKRO light tunnels in a room devoid of daylight lets natural light inside for better illumination. In other rooms, the light tunnel can constitute an additional light source, enhancing the user’s comfort and saving energy.

It carries daylight via the light transmitting rigid tube. Sunlight is reflected from the walls of the rigid, reflective tube and is directed downwards to the diffuser. The diffuser which is fitted in the ceiling evenly distributes natural light, illuminating the room.

FAKRO Rigid Tube Solar Tunnel Features

They can be used in any room, but due to minimum light loss they are recommended for special buil-dings in which natural light must be transmitted over long distances (e.g 12m).
They come with a rigid light transmitting tube which is made of aluminum and covered with a reflec-tive silver layer reflecting 98% of light (the interior of the tube looks like a mirror).
This design lets much more natural light into the room.
The light tunnels consists of collecting light, a flashing rigid light transmitting tube, elbow, diffuser and ceiling frame.
Suitable for pitches from 15° - 60° and flat roofs.

DescriptionDownload Link
FAKRO Rigid Tube Solar Tube BrochureDowload PDF

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