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C4 - Circular 950mm Diameter Opening Flat Roof Dome

C4 - Circular 950mm Diameter Opening Flat Roof Dome

Total Price: 620.84 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

BrandPermaroof UK
FinishClear / Diffused
Roof Opening / Aperture950mm Diameter
Ventilation Manual Opening Only
Upstand150mm Insulated + 50mm Opening Frame
MaterialPolycarbonate / GRP
OperationOpening for Ventilation
Product TypeDome + Upstand + Opening Frame
Supplied Upstand Height150mm Splayed + 50mm Opening Frame
Skin ThicknessSingle / Double / Triple

By purchasing an Opening Dome + Insulated Upstand please note the sizes/dimensions refer to the Internal Aperture size (Roof Opening Size).

Why choose our skylights?

  • Our polycarbonate circular opening rooflights comply with the Health and Safety in Roofwork standards.

  • All of our opening domes have patented security bolt fixings.

  • Perimeter screw & seal fixing ensures that the rooflight is completely waterproof.

  • All Opening Domes have a minimum 3 mm thick glazing, the Inner skin thickness does varie according to the size of the dome.

  • Once installed in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations, Opening Domes can be expected to exceed the life of the roof covering.

  • Our opening windows have a guarantee against the effects of defective design, construction and material for ten years, subject to certain conditions.

  • Our opening dome skylights have undergone large body impact testing by an independent accredited test organisation and test certificates are available to demonstrate compliance to an energy level of 1200 Joules when tested to pr EN 1873, and ACR(M)001: 2005 to Class B. They have also undergone hard body impact testing according to NBN EN 13964:2007.
    Please select from the options on the right hand side. Available with the following options:

    Polycarbonate skylights are always our recommended choice as these are virtually indestructable, certified "Non fragile" and have a Fire Rating & BBA Certificate available.

    Should I choose Single, Double or Triple skin?

  • Single Glazed - domes are suitable for unheated areas. We always reccomend to specify with caution.

  • Double Glazed - skylights are very economical having a good U-Value of 2.9W/m2k.

  • Triple Glazed - offer the best insulation and complies with virtually all Building Regulations and offer the best sound insulation. U-Value 1.78W/m2k.

  • Upstand

    Upstands are designed to be used in conjunction with our dome rooflights to provide a thermally broken interface which in turn helps to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the roof. Our upstands are insulated PVC and they are excellent value for money. Upstands enhance the overall appearance of the rooflight and are prefinished white internally, therefore requiring no further decoration.


    Opening Roof Domes available in Manual or Electric Opening. These Domes are designed to be opening for ventilation (Not Access).

    The Manual Hinged Opening option provides maximum ventilation area to allow rapid air movement. The manual spindle allows the user to open the unit to a maximum of 300mm and is operated by a Winding Rod available separately. Operating Rods are available in 1.5m, 2.0m and 2.5m lengths.

    Due to the nature of the circular upstand, we can only offer a Manual Spindle Opening Mechanism for the circular domes.

    You can view all Dome Accessories including Operating Rods, Wall Mounted Switches as well as Rain Sensor Packages and more on the page.

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