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600 x 900mm Mardome Flat Glass Rooflight

600 x 900mm Mardome Flat Glass Rooflight

Mardome Glass Trade Fixed RooflightMardome Glass Trade 150mm Upstand Manual Opening RooflightMardome Glass Trade 150mm Upstand Electric Opening RooflightMardome Glass Trade Manual Opening Builders Upstand600 x 900mm Mardome Flat Glass Rooflight600 x 900mm Mardome Flat Glass Rooflight600 x 900mm Mardome Flat Glass Rooflight

Price: 428.73 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Delivery4 - 6 Days
BrandBrett Martin
Glass Specification6mm Toughened Outer Pane / 9.5mm Soft Coat Laminated Inner Pane
Internal Upstand Size (Only if you choose the Insulated Upstand)600 x 900mm Internal
External Upstand Size (Only if you choose the Glazing Only)600 x 900mm External
OperationFixed / Opening (Please Choose)
Product TypeFlat Glass Rooflight
Required Upstand Height150mm
GlazingDouble Glazed
Upstand Please Choose
Ventilation Please Choose

U-Value1.1 W/m²K Guarantee10 Years Roof Pitch2 - 15 Deg Sound Reduction39 db

Please Note: If you choose the Insulated Upstand, the size refers to your internal aperture. If you choose Glazing Only (No Upstand) the size refers to your External Builders Upstand.

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

Brett Martin Daylight Systems’ Mardome Glass Rooflights are premium quality, individual glass rooflights with an anodised, fully thermally broken aluminium frame, intended for installation on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural light (and ventilation where specified). Mardome Glass Rooflights are manufactured to ISO 9001 industry standards.

Mardome Glass is a premium rooflight exhibiting sleek and contemporary design within a product that is built to perform to the highest standards. High quality aesthetics are combined with excellent light transmission and a low U-value to give the ultimate rooflight system.

Design Features

Premium rooflight offering an incredibly robust build with superb protection against intrusion or vandalism.
Silver anodised, fully thermally broken aluminium frame gives long life span.
U-value of 1.1 W/m2K.
Components of powered opening rooflights (230V) are completely concealed for an unobstructed light well for sizes up to 1200mm x 1200mm (square) and 1500mm x 1050mm (rectangle). Exposed actuators are required on powered opening units larger than these.
Secure fixing assembly to prevent invader intrusion when supplied with PVC kerb.
CWCT TN-92 tested (for class 2 roofs) and ACR[ M ]001 Class B non-fragile.
For ease of installation, the tapered kerb foot does not require timber fillets and an integral clamp holds the roofing membrane in place and provides a clean external finish for all roofing types.


The double glazed glass panel is made up of: 6mm toughened outer, a 90% argon filled cavity, with a 9.5mm laminated soft coat Low E inner (inc. 1.5mm PVB interlayer). For larger sizes the inner pane thickness is increased to 11.5mm. The frame is extruded aluminium, with an anodised coating to provide a very resilient and highly appealing finish. The frame is fully thermally broken to provide excellent thermal performance. The kerbs are manufactured from Lead & Cadmium free un-plasticised PVC rigid multi-wall extruded profile, with internal white finish. The Glass, PVC-U and Aluminium which comprise the product can be recycled at the end of useful product life.

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